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Hello Darlings,

The world has changed and so have I. I needed to take some time to self reflect and make sure that my mental health was up to par. It took me a little longer than expected and this crazy little thing called covid-19 came along and, boom. The whole world just paused.

And so did I.

I needed to see how could I be most helpful. The whole reason I made this site for sore eyes was to help different organizations across the world. Well, now I need to help my fellow Americans.

Therefore for the month of June, I will be offering access to my site to hospital and essential workers for free if they can prove their employment on IG or Email. Everyone else is welcome to join as well and will have access to new passwords monthly.

I have been working on creating new never before seen content including new nude photography I have shot and poetry and music I have written not seen anywhere else. This is going to be the only place to see, hear and read some of my most personal thoughts, visions and ideas. Selfies will be uploaded to Snapchat daily so make sure you join my sc for more updated content.

It feels good to be back. So welcome!

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