Hey everyone, It has been along time. I should not have left you. . . Without some Breezy Beats to step to. Step to. Ok, but seriously, I have so many updates to share but check out these recent interviews about my opinions on the current landscape of web3 for 1/1 Artists and Erotic Artists in general. I am working on a pretty deep blog about all my experiences thus far over the past year in Web3 but these are great places to Start. Many…Continue Reading “Interviews In Web_3”

Back for a Limited Time

Hello Darlings, The world has changed and so have I. I needed to take some time to self reflect and make sure that my mental health was up to par. It took me a little longer than expected and this crazy little thing called covid-19 came along and, boom. The whole world just paused. And so did I. I needed to see how could I be most helpful. The whole reason I made this site for sore eyes was to help different organizations across the…Continue Reading “Back for a Limited Time”

Happy Labor day!

Well, my ig break is over and I am back to business as usual. I may have to do that a few times a year because it was mighty helpful to my mental and spiritual health. I hope you are taking some time off for your self today. How do you like to relax at home?

Manifest Maui Mama

I am back on the islands for a short time and happy to give back to the community. Message me to see how you can volunteer on the island as well. After the wildfires, Hurricane Erick and a steady recovery from Iao Valley floods, Maui needs a little TLC. Many mahalo’s to my wonderful members only who make this possible. I could not give back the way I do every month without you. Thank you.

Leo Season

August is my birthday month and I have some exciting news for my members only. Message me to join so you can be a part of my wild and free adventures this Summer. The jungle is mighty with this one.

CHARITABLE DONATIONS June 2019: Border Kindness

I learned about this program from @Sarissle on her IG stories. It is a really great cause helping kids at the border with some much-needed kindness. I donated like this in 2017 when the earthquake hit and I know first hand that having art supplies and books to read during Kaos can be some of the best therapy for kids. Border kindness helps make that possible. Thanks to my members-only we were able to contribute to that cause. Donating 50% each month since 2017.

But every day is a national bikini day in my calendar. I was pretty sick for most of June but now I am slowly creeping back on here for the public. Most of my attention goes to my member’s only side of things. So here is a little sneak peek of what my member’s get to see everyday over on my member-only site. Message me for access to hundreds of nsfw galleries only available to members that subscribe. It is called charatitty for a reason.