CHARITABLE DONATIONS  May 2019: Raices Texas

It is hard to know where to start these last few months but having this blog has been reminding that we all have power. A power to make a change. To make an impact. No matter how small at least you are doing something instead of nothing. So thank you to all my members only for their continued support. Some might remember I donated to Raices Texas last year and I am donating again this year because they do the real boots on the ground…Continue Reading “CHARITABLE DONATIONS May 2019: Raices Texas”

CHARITABLE DONATIONS FOR April 2019: Bali Plastic Upcycle Oceans Initiative

For April I decided to give back to mother earth and support a cause near to my heart thanks to my members only support. Ocean plastic is a part of our responsibility as consumers to stop the cycle of mass producing plastic. This group of volunteers in Bali are doing a tremendous task of helping to tackle the ocean plastic problem in Indonesia. Check them out and show your support at .