My name is Brissa Breezy Page, I am an independent creative director, producer, stylist and content creator out of  Los Angeles, CA.

Welcome to my Private Art collection and NFT Gallery.

I share my outspoken love for civil liberties and social justice with my friends, family and collectors alike.

Thank you for your interest in supporting your local visual artists.

Your support of my art makes the world more beautiful by providing a safe space where I can share my visual expression with my private collectors. Your support and interest in my art by reposting, tagging, retweeting or just speaking about my art in any capacity helps get the word out tremendously. This is only possible thanks to the support from friends and special collectors like you.

If you found me on Twitter, Instagram or Tik Tok then you know I have a thing for good visuals, good causes and good angles. Here, with your support, you’ll get to support my art and help my art collection manifest.

I enjoy fetish, latex, cosplay, corsetry, pinup and artistic nude video and photo shoots. I enjoy collaborating with other models, MUAs, photographers and digital artists in the community.

I have an extensive curated gallery of NFT content combined with a deep desire to make beautiful uncensored visuals not allowed anywhere else.

My gallery is dedicated to providing a safe space for my art and my thoughts. My goals are to encourage Mental Health and Financial Wealth in Crypto Currency online and off.

I plan to promote this by purchasing a different NFT each month with the proceeds from my gallery redistributed to a different Nft Artist in the community and by accepting membership to my gallery in Crypto or PayPal.

The Nft community has supported me in a way unlike any other Crypto community I have visited. I am grateful to be apart of it and share my art with the world.

I hope you enjoy your #Brissabreezy experience and come back often for new Announcements and Drops.

Brissa Breezy Page AKA @Crypto_Breezy7