How I got banned from 5 different sub r/reddits during Christmas.

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During a routine verification process I was originally banned by a mod of Thick and Thicker for:

Re: You’ve Been Banned From Participating In  r/Thicksubreddit message via /r/thick[M] sent 16 days ago

You really don’t have much of posting history for us to adequately verify you.Come back in a week or two when your account is a little more established.In the meantime, you can read up on how to verify on this page.Thanks!”


He said I didn’t have enough photos or Karma to verify who I was and that I should try back in a week after I become “established” and basically build up my karma with a big post log to his satisfaction. Even though I was already verified for thicker earlier in the year. “New mods” , huh?

I don’t really keep a lot of content up because generally speaking I pull my photos after a few days if they don’t do very well.  I just do not like having all my content out for a long time if it is a reminder to me that no one liked it. 


Saying my name and having a link to my website (because @brissabreezy and @breezybrissa was disabled on IG my website is literally still my name btw) was spammy.

Now keep in mind other users (who are not the actual female they are posting the pic of) can say the instagram handle and Name of the model with no repercussions.

In fact on the rules it says no water marking and yet I have screen shots of several thick and thicker posts with water marking . Like this . A rule I never broke.

His response to this was: 
Re: You’ve Been Banned From Participating In 

r/Thicksubreddit message via /r/thick[M] sent 16 days ago

Users who delete their content are not welcomed in many subs and the fact that you self promote makes it seem all the more spammy, it’s like you lure them with your posts and then delete them so they can only access your content via the website..”

Yes I say my name to promote my page where I raise money for charity on my website that is currently a non profit since 2017 because my instagram got disabled on 12/1//18.

But he can not believe that I do not make any profit because:

Re: You’ve Been Banned From Participating Inr/Thicksubreddit message via /r/thick[M] sent 15 days ago

Ok so I just posted a ton of stuff.

8 posts is not a ton I’m afraid, and you only have 12 overall

I actually donate half of what I make on my site To charity and mutually make ZERO PROFIT

If you expect us to believe you don’t make a profit off of this, I got news for you, we’ve been around the block once or twice

It costs money to get hair and makeup and locations and photos done just to give your sub quality content. For free!

There are literally tons of women who regularly post here and other subs who have hair and makeup done too, they don’t delete their content though, like you do.

Maybe I don’t want my entire catalog up for the rest of my life on reddit.

That’s up to you to decide but what we’re telling you is, if you delete your content and self promote you are not welcomed here or any other sub this team of moderators runs, we keep things fair and balanced and unfortunately for you there’s no place for your type of practice.

Then it escalated to:
Re: You’ve Been Banned From Participating Inr/Thicksubreddit message via /r/thick[M] sent 15 days ago

Sorry tl;dr and good luck with all of that I guess but you’re not posting on any sub that I’m a mod of.

  • Re: You’ve Been Banned From Participating In r/Thick

from mrflaco75[M] via /r/thick sent 15 days ago

No worries just don’t leave any shit out, like the fact you’re spamming your site on reddit for profit then trying to bullshit everyone “

So now I’m also banned for saying my name and promoting my website to raise money DURING CHRISTMAS.

Then he flexed his big reddit power and banned me from all 5 these subs:







Wow. Big time power trip energy.

So lets recap:

I am not allowed to self promote myself as real person but other male users can promote the models they are reposting? 

(Side note : Ok that is a little creepy that you guys are upvoting other guys that are just reposting another woman’s pics for real karma whoring. I am real person and yet I am banned for saying my name and now I can not post in there or other subs that I clearly belong in.)

Nice formula Thick Mods.

So if saying my name in my website is breaking an unstated rule in the thick thicker rules and I can not promote my site then what about all this hypocrisy that is allowed? This particular Mod just has an issue with me.

When I sent a message to two other mods of the thick and thicker groups I got no response . Maybe if you try to message them you might get a human response.
I thought wow I got the king asshole of reddit mods on my ass now for trying to donate to charity this Christmas. What a scrooge?!

Happy Holidays everybody.

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