Charitable Donations for April 2018 : Malama Kauai – Hanalei bay floods  

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I created this website out of a fundamental need to do more with what I have in this world for the world.
Each month traditionally I have donated one half of my patreon earnings to various charities and causes for the last 8 months. Well, this month I decided to do something a little different.
This time I’m actually donating my time, my energy and my strong back to Malama Kauai to help the flood victims affected by the Hanalei bay floods.
Today I met a man that had four feet of water in his home and came in to see what he could get to clean his carpets and maybe a new bed. He said he is still finding wet mud in his home even weeks after the initial food. 
It’s a been a tough journey but the Malama Kauai is doing their best to get organized and get assistance to the people in need of Kauai.
I donated one hot plate and one new set of king size bedding  that I bought for $20 from the Kauai Humane society thrift store.  I also volunteered  6 (@$13 per HR) hours over two days organizing, loading, delivering and creating care packages of donated items for those in need at common ground in Kilauea. In total, I donated about $98.00 in my time and donations. 
Thanks  to your support as my patron you helped me and the people of Kauai.
I’m meeting up with @Coopgrafik in Honolulu today and we plan on creating even more exclusive content for you all on the islands. 
Stay tune to my Snapchat to see where I’m going to be next. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride!!!
Pic by @shootsbycruz 

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