Charitable Donations for December 2017: Ventura Co. Wildfire animal recovery & Save a Sato animal rescue in Puerto Rico. 

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Here’s the proof in the pudding my good people of Patreon. We made $104 together to the Ventura County animal recovery efforts AND save a sato animal rescue in Puerto Rico. 
We are doing some good together on this platform in the world and in the name of real Arts, humanities and Charatitties. Amen and hallelujah. 😂🙏 🎨
For January I’m donating to the East L.A. Women’s center and anti-slavery efforts in Libya. I’m super proud of all the good we have accomplished in the world and all the good that is to come. 
I have a day job like everybody else and literally do Patreon for fun to have an outlet for my creative process. I’m really happy you all get to be a part of this process with me and can contribute whatever you can.

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