Charitable Donations for November 2017: HONEYLOVE.ORG & NOW-NYC

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My loves we have done it again.
I’m proud of us. 
We have made some beautiful art and made the world a little brighter.
Let’s take a look at what we have done so far…
Last month I had to play catch up from September and October and a few declined credit cards from previous patrons. 
But this month was much better and stronger thanks to your continued support and contribution to my art. 
So let’s see where we donated in November shall we?
The first half was to:
(I asked that they help bee keepers affected by recent fires.)
and second half was to :
NOW-NYC advocates for the women and girls of New York.
NOW-NYC advocates for the women and girls of New York
I would not be able to make these monthly donations to all these organizations without your help. So thank you again for helping me help you. 
Plus don’t forget the trippy short by #coopgrafik that comes with the pomegranate passion set . Dm me for the link. It’s a Beautiful mess.  Aren’t we all. 

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