Happy Labor day!

Well, my ig break is over and I am back to business as usual. I may have to do that a few times a year because it was mighty helpful to my mental and spiritual health. I hope you are taking some time off for your self today. How do you like to relax at home?

Kauai Vibes & Good times thanks to my wonderful Patrons!

Last year I went to Kauai and volunteered at the Malama Kauai foundation in response to the Hanalei Bay flood. The support of my patrons helped cover the cost of my airbnb while I was on the Island volunteering. My lucky patrons got to see my entire trip live via my personal snapchat with special selfie sets (like this) and professional photo and video shoots before anyone else. You too can help me make a difference in the world while seeing how I see the…Continue Reading “Kauai Vibes & Good times thanks to my wonderful Patrons!”

First they came for SW then they came for Pinups…FOSTA/SESTA

Read this article an get educated  about FOSTA SESTA   https://www.vox.com/culture/2018/4/13/17172762/fosta-sesta-backpage-230-internet-freedom What is a sex worker? Strippers, Gogos dancers and Burlesque dancers are all considered sex workers according to wikipedia. So if I do striptease on a private snapchat does that make me one too? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sex_worker