Manifest Maui Mama

I am back on the islands for a short time and happy to give back to the community. Message me to see how you can volunteer on the island as well. After the wildfires, Hurricane Erick and a steady recovery from Iao Valley floods, Maui needs a little TLC. Many mahalo’s to my wonderful members only who make this possible. I could not give back the way I do every month without you. Thank you.

CHARITABLE DONATIONS June 2019: Border Kindness

I learned about this program from @Sarissle on her IG stories. It is a really great cause helping kids at the border with some much-needed kindness. I donated like this in 2017 when the earthquake hit and I know first hand that having art supplies and books to read during Kaos can be some of the best therapy for kids. Border kindness helps make that possible. Thanks to my members-only we were able to contribute to that cause. Donating 50% each month since 2017.

CHARITABLE DONATIONS  May 2019: Raices Texas

It is hard to know where to start these last few months but having this blog has been reminding that we all have power. A power to make a change. To make an impact. No matter how small at least you are doing something instead of nothing. So thank you to all my members only for their continued support. Some might remember I donated to Raices Texas last year and I am donating again this year because they do the real boots on the ground…Continue Reading “CHARITABLE DONATIONS May 2019: Raices Texas”

CHARITABLE DONATIONS FOR April 2019: Bali Plastic Upcycle Oceans Initiative

For April I decided to give back to mother earth and support a cause near to my heart thanks to my members only support. Ocean plastic is a part of our responsibility as consumers to stop the cycle of mass producing plastic. This group of volunteers in Bali are doing a tremendous task of helping to tackle the ocean plastic problem in Indonesia. Check them out and show your support at .

Charitable Donations for January 2019 : National Park Foundation

This was my our first charitable donation of 2019 and boy was is impactful. During the #trumpshutdown our National Parks had lost over 11 million in revenue and hundreds of years to repair some of the damage in our countries most sacred places. This makes me sad but what makes me glad is that until February 9th your donation gets matched 2-1. So if you only have $5 to give right now until the ninth Nissan will add $10 to that donation. Win-win for the…Continue Reading “Charitable Donations for January 2019 : National Park Foundation”

The Final Charatitties of 2018!

This was a hell of a year. Probably don’t need to tell you that my insta-scam was deleted last month but, fuck it. It was still nice to help out one of my favorite causes to date even with out my original following. Besides it is Sesame Street and who doesn’t love Elmo? I can’t imagine how tough it must be for these kids to be out there plus the soldiers that have to leave their little homies behind. I hope this foundation can help…Continue Reading “The Final Charatitties of 2018!”

Charitable Donations for November 2018 : So Cal Wildfire Fund

November was an eventful month. So much happened with the midterms and wildfires that ravaged Paradise to Malibu Ca. It was a lot to watch to entire towns evaporate. Even more painful to watch a President that didn’t seem to care. But you an I care and thats just one of the reasons why we are here. To help all those in need while helping yourselves to some exclusive premium content you can not see anywhere else. I need to take this moment to remind…Continue Reading “Charitable Donations for November 2018 : So Cal Wildfire Fund”