Charitable Donations for November 2018 : So Cal Wildfire Fund

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November was an eventful month. So much happened with the midterms and wildfires that ravaged Paradise to Malibu Ca. It was a lot to watch to entire towns evaporate.

Even more painful to watch a President that didn’t seem to care. But you an I care and thats just one of the reasons why we are here. To help all those in need while helping yourselves to some exclusive premium content you can not see anywhere else.

I need to take this moment to remind anyone reading this that I have been using this platform to fundraise and donate 50% of the net proceeds every month since 2017. We have never made a single profit the entire time we have been doing this. So when I say thank you your support means so much to me, I really mean your support means so much more to me because you’re helping me make a difference in the world. No matter the amount. So thanks again.  For November we donated to the  Socal Wildfire fund.

If you can’t subscribe to my site please consider donating to Wildfire Relief fund of your choice. Thank you.


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